2014 Gaming Rap up

by NemRaps

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Beat prod. by HHSolid


another year gone, anothers on the rise
we gonna stand strong, and hold ya contollers high
2015 is finally here
2015 in gonna be the year

ok this is how we doin it, you prolly sayin "who is this?"
this the homie Nem and Im bout to start reviewing ish
20-14 was a crazy year for gamin
all Im sayin, Im bout to break it down for all you laymen
lemme start it off with one of my personal favorites
Watchdogs came out, over-hyped and overrated
but I love that spider tank, and hackin them satellites
then Destiny released, and now im shooting at them acolytes
get up in the crucible, and satisfy ya appetite
for battlin, cage rattlin, we under the traveler
you can choose a Warlock, a Hunter, or a Titan
the only way that you collect the bounties, str8 fightin
Madden came out, and so did Fifa 15
both games portrayed emotion and intensity
Pokemon omega ruby and the alpha sapphire
finding all the mega stones can evolve ya class higher
Twitch bought Amazon, $970 million
Facebook bought the Oculus, a couple Billion
Microsoft got Minecraft for the same price
and Naughty Dog turned 30 at the same time
back in spring, Titan fall hit the scene
giant nimble robots'll blow you to smithereens
regenerate ya speed boost and pickin up the ammo
wall running commandos, side shooting like Rambo
A bunch of punk hacker groups started acting stupidly
and shut down PSN and XBOX communities
then some strange millionaire offered up his services
and stopped all the hacks, we still dont know what the purpose is
CODAW hit the market
pop out ya sniper rifles ready to start shi...
Sledgehammer introduces vertical mobility
now you gotta look up in the sky to find the enemy
A bunch of scary games popped up and frightened ya
The evil within and and PT? skin tightened up
alien isolation, you sweating in the shadows
five nights at freddys had you shakin in ya bathrobe
Two games that stood out was the Dragon Age and that Middle Earth
both of these was great games, you should go ahead and give a search
Nintendo had a good year with sequels of two classics
one was Mario Kart, the other was Super Smashin
Far Cry 4 introduced a new villain
Wolfenstien reboots the joys of Nazi killin
Bayonetta made ya put ya hands to the ceiling
South Park: Stick of Truth gave us all a funny feelin
this year was a break out for gamers
gave a new meaning to power to the players
2014 was a big year; major
2015? gonna be even greater


released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


NemRaps Charlotte, North Carolina

I make raps and beats about things I like. Mostly games, marvel comics, movies, beer... Idk lol omg


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