Captain America

by NemRaps



what if super heroes played video games?


I'm playing games like I'm Captain America
The enemy is lame they scared of us
Get In the middle of the field and I tear it up
(Cuz I'm) Captain America
(Because I'm) Captain America

If Steve Rogers played games, this is how he would play 'em
No cheat codes, no game glitches, no multiple savin'
Just grab ya super soldier serum, that's what you need
To increase precision with super human accuracy

Multi-player we come running down the hill
About 16 players all going in for the kill
and we dont need missiles, we all got shields
Military issued pistols, we all got skills

All you lame dudes wit ya backs against the wall
This ain't stealth mode, this is tactical force
If I lose my shield I'll just run up and grab ya
pull out my blade, stab ya, drop ya body and pass ya

To me it's not a game, its a battle
take out in any enemy within my immediate area
if you see somebody campin in the shadows
Kick em in the back and scream "Captain America"

I used to be an ordinary dude, using a game genie
and websites with walkthroughs made the game easy
nowadays I just pick up a controller
knowing nobody can stop me, I am the ultimate soldier

I'll lead the attack, follow my directions
Don't get sidetracked, go for the objective
grab your flak jackets and ya lead polls and
beat em in the head til theres nothing left but a red skull

host booters get stats quickly but lack vision
Put away the strategy guides and lag switches
why would anybody waste time on some wack glitches
when you attract attention, we get in attack position

To me, its not a game its a battle
take out any enemy within my immediate area
if you see somebody campin in the shadows
Kick em off the roof and scream "captain america"


released April 13, 2014



all rights reserved


NemRaps Charlotte, North Carolina

I make raps and beats about things I like. Mostly games, marvel comics, movies, beer... Idk lol omg

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