Top 30 Marvel Villains

by NemRaps

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lets kick it off with
Sebastian Shaw, what a bastard ya'll
the unstoppable Blob, its getting nasty ya'll
you better think twice before running up on the Rhino
and Nebula be chillin the illest villain that I know
Silver Samurai katanas holding tight
you get annihilated by the Annihilus on the right
if you run into Baron Zemo then say g'night
Dormammu's got the magic to make you lay on a knife

I swear to god yo
I'll ever cross the Crossbones
fight Electro? I'd rather sky dive on hot stones
to beat the Taskmaster is nearly impossible
so face the consequences when you mention Kang the Conqueror
Lady Deathstrike she be killin you with the quickness
Omega Red's tentacles fillin you with the sickness
member of the Sinister Six, it's Mysterio
Thats the top 15, breakdown, here we go

this one is for the Marvel villains
you never know why its so hard to kill em

If you step to Emma Frost it might cost ya life
the Mandarin got the rings that'll make you call for Christ
Venom's a serious alien slime symbiote
Kingpin rulin the city through crime syndicates
once he starts moving you can not stop the Juggernaut
Mister Sinister, the geneticist wit another plot
Mystique, the mysterious shape shifter
the hideous Red Skull, the crimson-faced hitler

Dr Octavius got the arms of an octopus
Galactus got the power to consume the worlds populace
nobody is more psychotic than Carnage is
it's ironic how the first mutant is the Apocalypse
Ultron tryin to cleanse the Earth of bad people
you might be evil but you aint as bad as Magneto
Dr Doom's mind makes enemies cautious
the mad titan Thanos with the Infinity Guantlet


released January 18, 2015



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NemRaps Charlotte, North Carolina

I make raps and beats about things I like. Mostly games, marvel comics, movies, beer... Idk lol omg

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