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The name is Aiden Pearce, and I'm out for vengeance
Im makin criminals tremble without a sentence
Who killed my young niece?
start talkin or you ain't leaving in one piece
gimme that gun please
In a crisis, news broadcast my likeness
I'll infect electronic devices wit a virus
Im hackin everything from traffic lights to satellites
Ill make the city my own personal light switch
Call for back up? jam up your communications
you wanna act up? prepare for your assassination
You think that you can shoot a ghost? well blast away then
I gotta passion for lacerating your bastard faces
ctOS, Spying on the citizens
Please open ya phone cuz Im relying on ya dividends
hackin the bank accounts of criminal minded businessmen
sex, murder, and greed. You see these are the times we living in

I'm a watch dog, vigilant watchdog
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one to stop y'all
they got my face on the news like Im a rock star
I'll be watching you, cuz Im a watch dog
I'm a watch dog, vigilant watchdog
Im on the trail, I hope you know that I am not far
Blacking out the city, slidin cross a cop car
I'll be watching you, cuz I'm a watch dog

I'm Bruce Wayne in Chicago
The cameras on the streets follow me wherever I go
Yes! I'm the vigilante that you've heard of
use my profiler, intervene, stop a murder
Some people say I'm crazy, claimin Aidens a fool
Caught between dedsec and the agents of blume
and its safe to assume, I dont play by the rules
and the way I see it you should know I aint playing wit you
what I'm saying's the truth, I'll turn ya iPod
into a time bomb if you call yaself a crime boss
C'mon the clock's tickin and as the plot thickens,
beat him wit a back of my baton until hes not kickin
Jordis doing recon, friends in high places
wit sniper rifles on the roofs of Mossi-Fremont
racing through the city with a just cause
Big brothers watching you, call me a Watch Dog




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NemRaps Charlotte, North Carolina

I make raps and beats about things I like. Mostly games, marvel comics, movies, beer... Idk lol omg

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