Say Goodnight (to the bad guy)

by NemRaps



Epic Video Game Villain Rap


Ultimate rule! Supreme power!
All you fools should respect my esteemed prowess
Youre an extreme coward, and right before you pass
I'll be the last thing you see as Im leaning downwards

I'll dispose of you if I don't like your attitude
I got a million minions thats multiplying by the magnitude
I got a flying fortress up in the sky at a high altitude
So bow down, all you got to do is show a little bit of gratitude

I love war, I thrive on destruction
I'll kidnap your princess, she likes the abduction
Shes my little pumpkin, you can save her if you want
come inside, please, I got a nice little dugeon

They call me lunatic, maniac, monster,
but i prefer humanist, brainiac, rock star
Hey, I just wanna conquer the universe
if you stand in my way you get exactly what you deserve

Heros are all the same. Why do they fight for?
I'll just release my loyal legion of autonomous cyborgs
Climb inside my iron giant thats firing rockets, then you
all will be standing in the shadow of a colossus

Sittin' up on my throne. Drinkin' up! thinkin' up another
plan to take over the land because you know I did it all on my own
Makin' another drone, thousands every year
started from the bottom now we here

My secretary is a sorceress, my bodyguard is a lvl 90
Down here in my secret lair, gon be really hard for you to try to find me
Oh you think you got weapons? look at these
Oh You good with a katana? ninja please!

Money? certainly
Im uber rich, got my own currency
(no) You ain't hurtin me (no) you can't stop me
I'll torture your teammates while sipping on Chianti

Carnevorous creatures try to best me in a battle. Now
heathens and beasts see me and cower back to the shadows
As a matter of fact I got massive sacks full of hand grenades
so before your attack I'll blow you back from whence the land you came

Immortal, no you can't kill me
I stole a magic staff from the house of an evil pixie
certifiable genius, IQ of 360
So if you really want it, "Come and get meeeee"


released February 27, 2014



all rights reserved


NemRaps Charlotte, North Carolina

I make raps and beats about things I like. Mostly games, marvel comics, movies, beer... Idk lol omg

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